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10-Point Web Site Liability Test

The use of the Internet is growing so fast that one begins to wonder if our business laws will ever address all the issues dealing with doing business on the Internet. Here is a basic ten-point test to protect ourselves or a web site owner from any liability when building a web site. The information contained herein is not a substitute for legal advice. Some of the test just stems from basic business ethics and is not the law. Please consult with your computer lawyer to assure that your site is within the bounds of the law.
1 Yes or No Copyright - Did you knowingly copy the work of others (text, images, etc) without the original author's permission?
2 Yes or No Domain Name - Did you knowingly register a domain that is trademarked by another company or entity?
3 Yes or No META Tags - Did you include trademarked and registered names in your META tags without the owner's permission in order to drive traffic to your site?
4 Yes or No Keywords - Did you knowingly register keywords that were trademarked by others?
5 Yes or No Frames - Did you knowingly link to other sites from your site using frames? Frames do not allow your site to display the correct address of the other site's web page thus the visitor may assume that you are the original author of the other site's page.
6 Yes or No Spam - Did you knowingly send e-mail to people without placing a legitimate return e-mail address? In our opinion, E-mail should be treated like the fax machine in which a true return number is automatically printed with the faxed message.
7 Yes or No Promotion - Did you knowingly mislead others in your advertisement, promotion, and description of your web site?
8 Yes or No Mailing List - Did you knowingly sell your mailing list to others without the permission of the individuals on the mailing list?
9 Yes or No Private Information - Did you use your client's password or other private information or account for other purposes without their permission?
10 Yes or No Defamation - From your site, did you knowingly attack with false information the good reputation of others?

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