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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is involved in developing a web site?

If we were to divide the basic web site development tasks into people with unique duties, we would have the following: a web designer, a content producer, a graphic artist, and a web developer. A web designer plans the layout, organization, and marketing potential of the web site. A content producer produces the informational content for each page. A graphics artist creates the graphics for the web site. A web developer transforms the web design into a finished product.

For the non-basic site development, include the following people: multimedia specialist, digital photographer, digital videographer, e-commerce specialist, and web application specialist.
2. How do I know if I need a web designer or a web developer?

A web designer transforms your web site needs and requirements into a design. The designer whether a person or entity usually takes the role of a graphics artist and marketing specialist. Additionally, the designer can also take the role of a developer by transforming the design into a finished product.

A web developer usually works from a design that has been defined by the client or another person or entity. The developer then transforms that design into a finished product. The developer may create the graphics or have the client provide the graphics. In addition, the developer may also act as a designer or web marketing consultant for the client.

The main difference between the two is that the web designer has much more control over the design of the web site than the web developer. If you want to put emphasis on the graphics design then you probably want a web designer. If you know what your site will entail, how your site will be designed, and where the graphics will come from, then you probably want a web developer.

A web designer or a web developer can perform all aspects of web site development very well while having emphasis on certain tasks.
3. What do I look for when I pick a web designer or developer?

a) Check out their web site and their design or site porfolio. If their web site and portfolio pass your site design requirements then you may have a good match.
b) If your budget is low for your web site, finding a good designer or developer from word of mouth is probably your safest alternative.
c) If your budget is medium to high for your web site, then obtaining bids from at least three different experienced professionals with proven track-records will give you a good perspective of what each one can offer.
d) Note that a good designer or developer should have the ability to create sites that produce the desired results for the site owner (ie. frequent visitors from the intended market).

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