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10-Point Web Presence Readiness Test

Okay, you call up a web site developer to tell them that you are ready. With all the Internet craze, one cannot help but jump into the bandwagon to capture some piece of the action. But are you really ready?
1 Yes or No Whether or not you are a start-up or an established business or organization, do you have a firm and realistic business plan in place? If so, then you may be ready.
2 Yes or No Do you have a vision as to what your web site will do (long-term and short-term) for your business or organization? If so, then you may be ready.
3 Yes or No Can you tell us the purpose of your web site in 5-10 words (example: To market and sell web page development services)? If so, then you may be ready.
4 Yes or No Can you tell us the market you are targeting for your web site? If you can, then you may be ready.
5 Yes or No Have you set the long-term and short-term goals for your web site (example: To average 5 inquiries per week for the first 6 months )? If so, then you may be ready.
6 Yes or No Have you done your research? Have you viewed your competitors' web sites?* If so, then you may be ready.
7 Yes or No Have you firmly decided on and checked the availability of your domain name (example: If so, then you may be ready.
8 Yes or No Have you decided as to which company will be hosting your web site? If so, then you may be ready.
9 Yes or No Do you have a draft of what your web site will entail? If so, then you may be ready.
10 Yes or No Have you shopped around for web developers and made the final selection? If so, then you are ready.

Prospective clients who are just thinking of starting a web-based business or organization can help us or any web page developer by trying out the test above. If you don't know where to start, please call us! We are in the business of providing assistance to anybody who wishes to have a web page developed.

Before you make the final decision as to which company or person will develop your web site, please ask your web host if they offer web page development services. There are a lot of good and honest web hosts out there. However at times, your selected web developer may find out that the web host has decided to pitch that they can develop or maintain your web site at a competitive rate. It is also important that your web host is able to work with a web developer professionally and can respond to inquiries in a timely manner. Web developers can waste a lot of time persuading web hosts to configure their web servers correctly as well as provide useful information that can aid in a successful upload. This is rare but we do hear about it.

*Reference to #6 above: Viewing your competitor's web sites. Although, we do hear more of businesses that competed with each other become partners in many areas, we also have businesses who would rather not divulge much of what they do. View your competitor's site only if it is made public. The first page you should read is the site's "Terms of Use" or "Disclaimer" page. If the site specifically filtered you out of viewing their site, then don't even try. Absolutely no copyright infringement nor illegal spying of any kind.

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