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10-Point Site Promotion Test

This is to remind our clients and other site owners that there are many ways to promote your web site.
1 Yes or No Did you submit your site URL to the search engines and directories?
2 Yes or No Did you submit your site URL to the What's New Sites?
3 Yes or No Did you submit your classified ad to sites offering free or paid advertisement?
4 Yes or No Do you participate in a link exchange/link trade program?
5 Yes or No Do you participate in a banner exchange program?
6 Yes or No Did you do a site promotion through Newsgroups?
7 Yes or No Did you submit your site URL to FFAs (Free-For-All Links) or targeted sites that collect links to sites that offer similar products/services as your site?
8 Yes or No Do you do targeted marketing through e-mail?*
9 Yes or No Did you submit a press release?
10 Yes or No Do you market using traditional methods such as the yellow pages, newspaper/magazine advertisement, direct mail (business cards/letterheads), etc.

Many people think that as soon as you publish your web site, your prospective clients will start knocking at your door or that you never ever have to spend a nickel again at promoting your business using the traditional methods. Nothing is further from the truth. Unless you are extremely lucky or you have a lot to give away for free, it takes a lot of marketing, promotion, innovation, networking, and even money for people to recognize that your web site or business exists. And once they know that your site or business exists, the final test is if you are offering the right product or service at the right price.

* Reference to #8 above: Target marketing through e-mail. Don't spam or do mass e-mailing. Address the e-mail to the prospective not a mailing list address. In addition, don't address to yourself and bcc (blind carbon copy) the prospective. Carefully choose your prospective clients. The best way is to target those who have previously inquired about your product/services. Your e-mail must be short, concise, and professionally written for the client.

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