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10-Point Sucky Web Page Test

People have their own opinions as to what a sucky web page is like. This is a reminder for us or anyone to not ever build a sucky* web page again. Some of ours may be out there (or may be contained herein), so kindly ignore the design until the updates are made.
1 Yes or No The background music is either deafening, endless, or just plain obnoxious.
2 Yes or No The graphics or photos take a while to load.
3 Yes or No Cheap-looking graphics or photos.
4 Yes or No Page errors - spelling/grammar errors, misaligned text or graphics, or bad links.
5 Yes or No Eye-straining image, color or font (or combination) schemes for backgrounds or text.
6 Yes or No No theme or lack of layout design.
7 Yes or No Super big fonts or use of all CAPS.
8 Yes or No The over-used "Welcome" greeting. (Unless a client specifically requested for it).
9** Yes or No It used to be hip but is not anymore - ex. Black background with the outer-space look, Excessive Blinking or Marquee, Status Bar Ticker-Tape, Excessive Revolving, Excessive Frame scroll bars, Under Construction signs, etc.
10 Yes or No The business page is designed like a personal page or like a non-professionally-made page.
Unfortunately, some specific page designs are requested by clients. In the event that the client feels that their site might fit into any of the above categories, updates to remove or change the offending design will be gladly done for free.

*Sucky Web Page: As defined by whom?

**Reference to #9 above: It used to be hip. As they say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Use of these (blinking, etc.) may still be hip for others but excessive use of anything can become annoying to others. Remember, we cannot please everybody. As long as your site attracts customers, that's what counts!

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