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Our Services

1. Brobst Systems is a professional and "family-friendly" business entity. We reserve the right to limit our service to only those individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations whose needs we can realistically meet.

2. Brobst Systems reserves the right to refuse service to anyone requesting development of web pages for:
  • Illegal purposes
  • Adult-material purposes
  • Or any other purpose that does not follow our philosophy

3. Web pages developed by Brobst Systems cannot be modified to contain:
  • Illegal material
  • Adult material
  • Or any other material that does not follow our philosophy

Our Web Site

1. The Brobst Systems Web Site is targeted for students, professionals, and anyone who would like to benefit from the array of information resources that we provide from our site.

2. Visitors of the Brobst Systems Web Site shall not use the search engines, links, or free graphics for:
  • Illegal purposes
  • Adult-material purposes
  • Or any other purpose that does not follow our philosophy

3. Visitors of the "Free Simple Graphics" site and the "Print and Learn" site shall not re-sell the "free web graphics" and the "free Print and Learn reference and exercise pages", respectively. Nor will they collect a fee from anyone who may benefit from these resources. They shall not take credit for any free products and services provided by Brobst Systems. The "Free Simple Graphics" site is a good training tool & source of graphics for adults and children who are learning web design.

4. Brobst Systems is proud to be an affiliate of and Barnes and Noble. You are welcome to use these resources to aid you in your research and education.

5. Our "Links" page lists our affiliates, associates, partners, link trade partners, and some of our clients. Brobst Systems is not responsible for the web content that these sites present to their visitors.

6. Links at our Web Page Development Resource page and the Search Engine and Directory Links page are provided as a return in favor for using and/or referring to these sites' free services.

7. Links at our Internet for Kids Resource page are provided for educational purposes only.

8. Links at our Internet for Seniors Resource Links page are used for training purposes.

9. The Web Secrets Mailing List is geared for our clients and prospective clients. The Print and Learn Members List is geared for Print and Learn members who wish to communicate with fellow members through our moderated bulletin board. The lists shall only be used to e-mail information related to web site development and management, and the "Print and Learn" site, respectively.

11. All of the pages at this site uses the Hitbox Counter. This is used for tracking purposes only by Brobst Systems.

12. Because our site is open for anyone who would like to benefit from the array of information that we offer, we do allow our competitors, the media, and the site reviewers to benefit from these as well. We, however, will not tolerate unfair criticisms and copyright infringement or any other types of infringement. We work very hard to provide a good information resource for the Internet community. The contents of our website are original. Anyone who, without permission, copies the HTML source code as a base layout for their site page has committed a copyright infringement and will be asked to either remove the page or give credit to Brobst Systems for copying the source code. Constructive comments are welcome and should be e-mailed to only.

13. Any site may link to our site without permission as long as your site is clean, family-friendly and follows our general philosophy.

Alert Us

If you suspect that our Web Site is being used inappropriately by anyone, or is conveying inappropriate information, or that it contains links, graphics, or text that were reproduced inappropriately, please e-mail immediately.

Thank you.

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